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Annual Holidays

The Nursery is open all year round excluding Bank Holidays.



Fees are calculated on a monthly basis and are due by 17th of the month.  We accept payment by various methods including vouchers.  You can also use your free government funded hours here.


Fees are payable at ALL times.


The Jays Day Care Nursery reserves the right at review fees at their discretion, although this would not normally be expected to be more often than once a year.


For general all year contracts fees will be on a monthly basis.  Bank holidays will not be charged for.



Please inform us if your child will not be attending the Nursery on a particular day. Full fees will be payable even if your child is unable to attend.


As set out in this Prospectus, children will not be permitted to leave the Nursery with anyone not authorised


Before hand to collect them. Therefore please inform us if a different person from usual is to collect your child.


To avoid penalty payment, prompt collection of your child is required. For penalty payment please see Terms and Conditions.


Persons under the age of 18 years will not be permitted to collect from the Nursery.



Children suffering from a doubtful rash, sore throat or diarrhoea should be kept at home until a doctor has certified that they are well enough to attend the Nursery.


Should a child fall ill during the day, the parent/guardian or an authorised person will be contacted to collect the child. Please ensure that you keep us informed of any changes in your daytime contact numbers,


Qualified staff at the Nursery for which you will be required to complete a consent form can administer only prescribed medicine.


The Nursery Principal reserves the right to remove a child to hospital in an emergency.



To prevent the spread of infection, sick children will NOT be admitted into the Nursery.


Children who fall ill during the day will be cared for away from the other children until their Parent/Guardian arrived


Trained Nursery staff may administer only prescribed medication, for which you will be required to complete a consent form.


Personal Property

All property must be clearly labelled with your child's name. The Nursery accepts no responsibility for belongings left on the premises.


Settling Your Child

A pre start visit is usually a good idea, however, we will discuss with you the best way of settling your child into the Nursery.


Right of Removal

The Nursery Principal reserves the right to remove a child from the Nursery for any breach of these regulations.


Clothing / Belongings

The children at the Jays are very busy throughout the day with various activities: therefore it is advisable to dress your child in comfortable clothes, preferably in layers so that a jumper can be removed if a child becomes warm.


Every child should have a full change of clothing at all times.


Some of the following items may also be required:


Disposable nappies, wet wipes, nappy sacks and creams and lotions as appropriate- from 2 years.


Indoor/outdoor shoes/ Wellington boots. Coat - waterproof EVERYDAY


PLEASE NOTE: the Nursery accepts not responsibility for belongings left on the premises. Money, sweets, toys and jewellery are NOT to be brought into the Nursery.



All meals are freshly prepared daily by on experienced cook and are nutritional and well balanced. See our menu


Special diets can normally be catered for (please See the registration form)

To ensure the smooth running of the Nursery it is necessary to have these regulations. Please read them, as you will be asked to sign a declaration on your child's Terms and Conditions Form saying that you agree to adhere to them once your child enters the Nursery.

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