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Following our disappointing visit in May OFSTED carried out another inspection on 8.12.16 and we are happy to say that we received a well deserved ‘GOOD’ outcome.


OFSTED recognise that we ‘form caring and affectionate relationships with children’ noting that ‘babies arrive for the day happily, cuddling their key persons and settling quickly’.  They also see that ‘staff help children to become independent and manage small tasks for themselves’.


What is also lovely is that the inspector reported that our children here ‘behave well towards each other…….. using good manners without prompting’.  A reflection of the work of both parents and staff - which brings us on to parent partnership where the inspector reported a ‘good two-way flow of information about babies’ routines to support their emotional development more effectively’.


We are very pleased with our report and hope it will reassure anyone who may have had any concerns following our last inspection.  You can read the full report by clicking on the link here or via the home page.


This also means that we can apply for 2 year old funding.  If you require a funded 2 year old place, please do contact us as we will let you know how this is progressing.


Work won’t stop here, we will be continuing with the good work and aiming to achieve ‘outstanding’ next time.


Please see the full report here.

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